The Right Ways to Wear Athleisure—the Dos and Don’ts

Fashionable athletic attires that can be worn everywhere, or popularly called athleisure, is on the rise nowadays. As famous athletic apparel brands and prominent designers launched their own line of fashionable sportswear, we definitely will see more of this type of clothing in the near future. But just like other fashion items, it is not something that will work in every occasion. Being fashionable is about dressing for the occasions so make sure you pay attention to these dos and don’ts to avoid being a fashion victim.


If you want to find out whether the fashionable sports attire is good to be taken outside the gym, try to change the shoes. While fashionable sweatpants will look good with a pair of high heels, it can make you look ridiculous if the sweatpants are designed solely for exercising.

Furthermore, legging is always a yes. It is very versatile since it can be sporty but it can also be feminine and chic, which means you basically can pair leggings with any type of tops you want. You can go with crop top or a bralette and jacket for casual setting, but you can also combine it with a dress shirt and heels for a more contemporary look.


No matter how fashionable it is, sportswear should never appear in a formal party or meeting room. Actually Boss and Proenza Schouler designed more formal athletic-leisure dress made of more casual material which will be suitable for semi-formal gathering. But since mostly are designed for casual setting, you need to be really careful on where you wear the clothing.

Moreover, you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort in the sake of style, especially if you are going to wear it to the gym. When you are exercising, you need to wear something that makes you comfortable to move and some fashionable sportswear are lacking in this department.

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